Ronja Suomalainen, Digital & Content administration assistant

I started my career at KOTRYNA GROUP in 2019, when the first KIDZONE store was opened in Finland. From the very beginning I worked in the store’s toy department and was trained in the baby care department at the same time. In addition, together with a team I also managed the Finnish e-shop of this store.

As I began working here, I also started my studies of Business Administration and Marketing remotely. Although sometimes it was quite difficult to find a balance between working and studying, I was highly supported by this workplace and was given the opportunity to take great care of my education. KOTRYNA GROUP marketing team not only supported me during this time but also gave me the incredible possibility to practice my skills in a real and fast growing business environment.

By the year 2021, I got the opportunity to upgrade my career role by being a part of KOTRYNA GROUP Marketing and Content administration teams in Finland. During these three years, I have gained a lot of professional and useful work experience.

I have been able to utilize the experience and knowledge acquired as a salesperson in marketing. This time gave me the possibility to participate in great projects and be a significant part of the overall company’s development. Moreover, I’ve been given the opportunity to work with colleagues from all of the countries that the company works in, develop my skills, be part of many amazing teams and broaden my horizons.

Working at the KOTRYNA GROUP has grown me professionally and it was both an exciting and interesting journey all along. If someone asks, I would choose it again as there you can deffinately learn something new every day. And what’s most important – the possibilities here are endless.