Retail & eTail

Retail & eTail

KOTRYNA GROUP offers its customers an omnichannel purchase experience: with the option to buy goods in physical stores or online. The company wants to offer each customer the best possible shopping experience, whether this is online or offline, as we believe that shopping should be easy and pleasant. The company operates popular retail and ecommerce chains such as: BABYCITY & TOYCITY, TOY`S PLANET, JUKU and KIDZONE.

The company started its operations in 1992 with the opening of its first retail store in Lithuania. Over the past 30 years, the company has developed and gained a lot of experience. Nowadays, KOTRYNA GROUP is one of the leaders in children’s goods in the Baltics. The company operates 63 stores in 3 counties: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. KOTRYNA GROUP offers its customers a wide range of goods for children and their parents in categories including apparel, nursery and toys.

As a result of consumers’ ever increasing interest in digital, KOTRYNA GROUP started to operate in the cyberspace back in 2012. Through this step, the Group has been able to meet the needs of modern shoppers better for over 10 years.

Today, BABYCITY & TOYCITY, TOY’S PLANET, JUKU and KIDZONE operate in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The product range in our webshops consists of famous trademarks and a wide range of goods for children and their parents. Because of this, our webshops are visited by over 8 million users per year. Not only do we run e-commerce sites for specialized children’s goods, we also manage uphold solid positions in the top 50 most popular websites in our main markets.
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KIDZONE is a new, modern and friendly brand offering a wide range of fashion products to its clients, both in physical stores and online. Within the retail sector across the Baltic States, KIDZONE is well on its way to becoming one of the fastest growing chains. KIDZONE is the store to be for children’s fashion. Popular and good quality kids clothing brands, such as COCCODRILLO, NEXT, OVS, MOTHERCARE, live underneath the store’s roof. Here, clients can find a wide range of apparel for their kids from birth till 12 years old. KIDZONE offers families a modern outlook on life. With our carefully selected range of goods, modern environment and good customers service, we aim to help our customers offer their children the best childhood.
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At TOY’S PLANET in Latvia & Lithuania, JUKU in Estonia children’s dreams come true! These stores offers a wide range of toys both offline & online: radio-controlled cars, robot toys, dolls with clothes and accessories, exclusive soft toys, board games, puzzles, scale models, constructors, craft sets for girls and boys, educational toys for babies and many more games and toys to support your children’s leisure time and development!

Our toys stores facilitate an interesting and smart childhood filled with exploration and new discoveries. For over 10 years, our toy stores have been a favorite destination in the Baltics for kids, parents and gift seekers. In our stores (both physical stores and online) even friends and grandparents will find the best presents for children! We invite you to visit our stores where you will find yourselves immersed in the unforgettable journey of discoveries through the world of colorful childhood.
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BABYCITY & TOYCITY is the first and ultimate store for expecting families, and grows with the families of our customers, over time becoming the main destination for fulfilling children’s everyday needs through great deals. BABYCITY & TOYCITY is the largest baby and children’s goods retail chain owned by KOTRYNA GROUP, with both physical stores and online presence. With more than 1000 square meters of retail space, BABYCITY & TOYCITY offers a wide range of baby and children’s goods for reasonable prices.

At BABYCITY & TOYCITY parents can find everything that is necessary for their newborns and kids till 12 years old. Starting from strollers to nursery goods, clothes, shoes and toys, up to a wide range of carefully selected goods. Customers are greeted by professional staff, who are ready to offer guidance when needed. Over 20 years, BABYCITY & TOYCITY has grown into a reliable children’s goods brand, popular among parents. Professional staff are constantly considering the needs of babies, kids and parents in order to make sure we offer only the best products. BABYCITY & TOYCITY is an expert when it comes to child’s care, making BABYCITY & TOYCITY a well known brand across the Baltics.