Normunds Scerbinskis, Regional Manager

I started my journey at KOTRYNA GROUP way back on March 16, 2009 as a Sales Consultant in the BABY CITY store, located in shopping center RĪGA PLAZA. From the beginning of my career here, I have learned a lot about the real importance of teamwork, high quality customer service and gained a lot of knowledge about different kinds of children’s products and solutions, which were totally unknown for me until then.

As time went by, I received an incredible offer to become a Product Manager, which I have accepted together with new opportunities to learn and acquire a lot of new knowledge. This period of time has pushed me to improve myself and move forward at a greater pace than ever. One thing I know for sure – it would not have been possible without the support and trust of my colleagues.

As the structure of KOTRYNA GROUP changed, a new entry appeared in my biography in 2020 which led me to where I am now – being in the position of Regional Manager.

All along it was and still is a constant growth as a professional and as a person as well, developing and working on self-improvement. This kind of mindset has a lot of meaning for me, because in this job, as well as in the outside world, everything that is happening makes you learn new things almost every day.

Underneath it all, what’s there? All of my colleagues. With each step in my career, with every step I took, there were and still are those who always help, teach and never refuse to give great advice. As it is said, one is not a warrior…strength is in the team.

Normunds Scerbinskis, Regional Manager