Ksenija Krutina, Store Manager

I began to work at KOTRYNA GROUP in October 2017, in the soon-to-be-opened OVS KIDS store in Rocca al Mare shopping center. Since I applied early, I immediately went to a JUKU store to learn cashiering and service, and I spent a month there.
When the construction work at OVS KIDS store was finished, I went to work there as a salesperson/consultant until in April 2018, I was given an opportunity to take the position of a senior salesperson/consultant.

2021 was a year I took a huge step forward on my career ladder. At the time, in July, I started to work as a KIDZONE Store Manager at the Rocca al Mare shopping center. Moreover, from July to December 2021, in parallel I was also replacing the Store Manager of BABYCITY store in shopping center Mustika.

It was both an interesting experience and the most stressful time of my career in KOTRYNA GROUP. Incredible opportunities of professional development fell into my hands, requiring me to get a lot of new knowledge and accept fast growing responsibilities.
Finally, in August 2022, I became the Store Manager in KIDZONE, Ülemiste shopping center and I am really grateful for all this journey that led me here. I value this position as a possibility to show and share my skills acquired all along and to use a baggage of knowledge that I have gathered in this company over the years.

The KOTRYNA GROUP team has been like a family for me for almost 5 years and I can definitely say those years were great. I hope and believe that more to come are holding a long and pleasant cooperation moving forward, implementing big projects and reaching for great results together.

Ksenija Krutina, Store Manager