Katrina Bogdanova, Store Manager

I started my career at KOTRYNA GROUP in 2015, in the CIPOLLINO store as a salesperson/consultant and by the year 2018, I became the Senior salesperson at this store. When the CIPOLLINO store was closed for a while due to reconstruction, I had an opportunity to work as a Senior Sales Manager at TOY‘S PLANET. These steps I made led me to where I am now – being a Store Manager of the KIDZONE/TOY‘S PLANET since 2020.

During my career at KOTRYNA GROUP, each change and each position provided me not only with rapidly expanding responsibilities, but with a lot of great opportunities and achievements also. Fast growing company requires you to grow as a professional and as a team member but gives back a lot in exchange, including meaningful and effective results.

Working here, I have met a lot of incredible people. Throughout all the periods of my career, I saw their inspiring dedication to be better with each day and they have provided me with a lot of support all along the way.

I am glad to be a part of the KOTRYNA‘S GROUP team and have an ability to evaluate both everyone’s performance and contribution. What did it teach me? That the main thing is a humane attitude towards my team in any life situation. To be and stay human. That’s the most important thing.

Katrina Bogdanova, Store Manager