Gediminas Gerulaitis, Chief Commercial Officer

I started my career at KOTRYNA GROUP in 2012 as a brand manager in the Department of Commerce, toys category. It was one of the most important steps for me as a professional as it has taught me the ABC’s of commerce and helped me create the right basis for my future career significantly.
Global understandings of brand development, origins of trends as well as connections between commerce and marketing played a key role for me when I later became a Head of Distribution in toys& infants categories.

Now, after a decade, I am at the top of my career as a CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) and it has definitely been a rollercoaster ride so far. Here, where delivering and proving my own results are no longer sufficient, I strive to be respected and accepted by my team while successfully leading them to achieve the results we set out to reach.

For the past 10 years at KOTRYNA GROUP I was able to consistently learn from real work experience and I am more than grateful for this opportunity. Why?

Surely, you can go to School, College or University, you can study dozens of case studies, but this will never offer you the experience of real life and a feeling of being a part of a company year by year successfully moving forward.

Since the very beginning of my career in KOTRYNA GROUP till today, my know-how, confidence as an employee, expertise levels and responsibilities have gone through continuous and sustainable growth.

That’s why today I can confidently say it was a journey I would definitely repeat all over again.

Gediminas Gerulaitis