For twenty five years we have been committed to ensuring that in our children’s retail chain shops you would always find everything what is necessary for your child including baby and mother care supplies, prams, strollers and baby feeding chairs, beds and other furniture, toys, clothing and footwear. Over the long years of work we gained valuable experience and know-how, which enabled us to be the first to introduce a number of innovations in Lithuania such as the concept of multipurpose children’s goods retail chain, special shopping programs, the first online customer discount program, in addition to recruiting highly professional staff. Wide range of our partners and our long-standing collaboration with them allows us to offer customers a particularly wide range of goods at points of sale and order our goods from the most prestigious children’s products manufacturers directories, as well as provide warranty and after sale services for children goods.

In years 2011 and 2014 there were many challenges and developments not only in Lithuania but also in Estonia and Latvia. In Lithuania, JSC „Kotryna“expanded its retail chain by connecting “Žaislų planeta” store chain to it, previously owned by JSC “Voira”. In Estonia, our retail chain was also expanded by “Juku” and “Kaks karu” stores chains. In 2012 we have rebranded „Žaislų Planeta“  to an international brand - „Toys‘ Planet“. Company also acquired a mono-brand store chain  „Chicco“n Lithuania, opened mono-brand Lego stores in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and launched new international „KidZ One“ store concept in all Baltics.

 Kotryna Group has developed a wholesale network supplying the products to supermarkets, pharmacies, baby shops, e-shops. It also has cash & carry divisions. We are supplying our products to the biggest trade centres in the Baltic States such as “Maxima” (over 400 stores), “Rimi” (244 stores), “Prisma”, “Iki”, “Norfa”, “Selver” as well as pharmacies such as “Eurovaistinė”, “Camellia”, “Tamro”, “Recipe”, “Magnum”.

Due to innovations and integration of information technologies, Kotryna Group has earned leadership in the electronic marketplace as well. BABYMARKET e-shop owned by the company is one of the largest electronic stores trading children’s goods in the Baltic States. The e-shop product range consists of top trademarks sold at the most reasonable prices on the market.

We are delighted that our objective to become an international company is being successfully achieved. We are confident that development and rearrangements will help to achieve our main goal of becoming a modern European wide company. With your assistance, we are aimed at creating a wonderful and safe surrounding world for our children.