Wader Toys Factory has been founded in 1990 as a joint-venture of two companies with a long family tradition in the manufacturing of toys - the German "Hermann Wader Spielwarenfabrik" and the polish company, which the owner was Mr Ryszard Woźniak. Since the beginning of the company, its owners place a strong emphasis on to ensure the highest quality and safety of toys. To guarantee personally, they are involved in the every stage of the formation of a new product from the design phase after phase of production.  We've got 8 warehouses in different places at the area of Poland and we cooperate with almost 800 specialist shops and retail stores on a stand Sponsorship. High quality toys, "Wader - Wozniak" guarantee used to produce the best raw materials. They fulfill the stringent standards for harmful substances, dyes, etc. Our products are also recycled and so they are safe for the environment. Before placing on the market, every toy manufactured by the company "Wader-Wozniak" is thoroughly checked for conformity with EU standards.