PALI is an established company, with a wealth of knowledge and traditions at the service of your child. A long history of almost a century, during which time four generations of our family have given life to and developed our company.From a handcrafted manufacturing system, where every item was produced by hand, we have moved onto the most modern technologies. Essential but powerful style, simple and modern lines.

A fusion between different woods and lacquered tones, a design evolution for your child. Quality, innovation and elegance are the characteristics which have always set us apart.Today Pali offers a wide range of furnishings for children, bedrooms complete with accessories, coordinated fabrics and furnishings.Our philosophy is simple: to become part of your child’s life, taking care of his sleep with furnishings of inimitable style for safety and refinement, making your child's bedroom a safe and pleasant nest.Our secret is to create expertly and to look to the future, maintaining a taste for tradition and a love of handcrafted goods.Still today, after many years of experience, our products continue to create emotion in us.