MACLAREN buggies are backed by world-class engineering and the industry’s first Sovereign Lifetime Warranty™.Idea to create a MACLAREN trolley born for englishmen Owen when he noticed that his daughter, who lived in America, had to haul an impossibly large pram across the ocean to visit her family Traditional British prams were very large heavy not simple to manoeuvre difficult to travel with. Inspired by the landing gear of the Spitfire, Engineered with tubular aluminium light, simple, practical, safe and durable, it freed parents to travel far and wide. Over 45 years, and millions of buggies later the MACLAREN brand is recognised across the world. Nowadays MACLAREN mission - in everything they do, they are consistent with Owen MACLAREN’s vision: To give parents simple, practical, stylish, safe and durable parenting solutions!