Set up in 1969 as the result of the enterprising initiative and talent of the Rho brothers Franco, Aldo and Mario, Cam today has gone from a family-run business to becoming one of the most important companies in the nursery sector. A firmly rooted conviction of the importance of the “Made in Italy” label has proven today to be a winning choice and in fact, it is just one example of the Rho brothers’ foresight to which Cam owes its importance in Italy and throughout the world.

Above all, it is thanks especially to them that today Cam has become synonymous with safety, quality and that certain “made in Italy” style. TO LOOK AT THE WORLD THROUGH CHILDREN’S EYES to understand exactly what they need.

For Cam this means keeping our minds open to new discoveries, searching for innovation and wishing to find out more, all guided by the wonder with which a child looks at the world every day.In fact, only those who know how to look at the world from a child’s point of view can find the solutions to make this world more enjoyable and, above all, safer.