Motherhood is a state-of-the-art and dynamic business dealing with manufacturing of unique accessories provided for pregnant women and children. Our offer comprises a wide array of products featuring maximum usefulness and top quality as well as exceptional pattern design.

Justyna Garstecka, the founder, came up with an idea of Motherhood and its first products in the end of 2006 when, expecting the second child, she was pondering on quitting the full-time job.  As she was obligatory stuck in bed for quite some time, the only relief came from a special pillow dedicated to the pregnants. She  had to import it from the US, since there were no such accessories available here in Poland. Then, for the first time she realized she wanted to set up her own business. A few months later, when Franek was born and it turned out that he would need an excessive care and rehabilitation, own business was a fact.  Justyna Garstecka established a company in the Podkarpackie Province, in the native land of her parents. She named it Motherhood. Motherhood products are supposed to be the best: exquisitely designed, skin-friendly, made of safe and attested materials so to fit perfectly mums and their kids.  And they actually are like this. No compromises.