We work, so the babies smile from daylight until dawn- this is the most wonderful task in the world. Because when the children are happy, their parents are too, so are their grandparents, relatives and friends. This way all of our products are made for only one reason- to make bring joy and make you happy. To achieve that we use everything that we have learned throughout the years: our workmanship, ideas and many years of experience. We do our job with the same excitement as we used too many years ago. SEANIL LTD for over 14 years has been making quality and reliable baby products. Our goal is to provide babies even more comfort and safety, therefore we use only the materials which have the highest quality and are natural. In our catalogue you will not only find bedding sets, swaddling clothes, but also everything else needed to make your babies rest more comfortable, such as bumpers, bed curtains, pillows, blankets . And this is not all of the merchandise we produce. You can see more on our website. Our company SEANIL LTD has been founded in the year 1998 and was one of the first, which specialised in goods for future young mothers and their babies. Nowadays MILANA is one of the few companies- manufacturers for bed linens and baby supplies. Reasonable prices under MILANA trademark make our products even more attractive.