The LOVI brand was born as an answer to the changing needs of parents and the evolving parenting model, which requires an increasingly involving role of the father and merging an active lifestyle of couples with raising a child. Both, career minded moms, as well as dads, require the highest quality products for feeding their infants. Studies, which we have conducted, have shown that of most importance for parents is not just the prolonging of natural feeding, but making sure of the proper suckling and development of the oral cavity, as well as stimulation of proper breathing patterns. Our mission is the nurturing of the idea of active parenting. We help to encourage active development of the child as well as dispel common myths, which may create unfounded fears and worries among young parents preventing them from fully enjoying their child’s early years. Those early years are a period of change and maturity into a new role as a parent. It’s a time of joy and frustration, time in which parents observe the development of their child and learn new responsibilities.