The Feretti company has been present on the market since 2004. As a manufacturer of baby bedding,it has been our objective from the start to offer the highest quality bedding for children. All our products have been developed with the safety and comfort of children in mind. Thanks to many years of experience on the baby bedding manufacturers market, qualified personnel and a customer-oriented approach, we have become a leading supplier of bedding. Every day thousands of children fall asleep snuggled in Feretti`s natural bedding. This is something to be proud of, but at the same time a great responsibility. With this in mind, we have introduced bedding enhanced with PURISTA fabric. In doing so, we have established a new trend on the market for baby bedding manufacturers. Feretti is a most innovative baby beddings brand. We manufacture hypoallergenic, natural baby beddings made of cotton, using a natural Ingeo fibre filling, which has excellent heat insulation and ensures a good water vapour (sweat) permeability.