Right after the birth of first son a young businessman realized that it was huge problem to find high quality shoes for children on the Polish market. Following the market research it turned out that this is niche worth to take advantage of. It was decided to change production profile for children’s shoes. This is how brand BARTEK, which cares about healthy development of children’s feet, was created.When we say BARTEK shoes we think comfort and healthily growing children. It’s been our main rule for the last 20 years. During this time we  have gained the necessary experience and the confidence of parents.We know how important the quality of shoes for children is because we are parents too.BARTEK is a Polish company, the biggest producer in Poland and the only chain in the country, that has shoes selected for children age 1-10. So far, we have produced over 10 millionpairs. What is more, we sell our products all over the world.